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The Official Organ of the World Okinawan Shorinryu Karate-do Kyudokan Federation in the Philippines

On June of 2004, the World Technical Headquarters of the Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karatedo Kyudokan Renmei under the Directorship of 9th Dan Hanshi Oscar HIGA, the cousin of World Kyudokan President 10th Dan Hanshi Minoru Higa approved the membership of the International Shorin Ryu Karate-do Washimekai (WMK) to the World Kyudokan Family and its designattion as the official Philippine Branch of the World Kyudokan Karate.  Parallel thereto was the appointment of WMK Founder-Chairman, Shihan Marcelo Monte Navarroza as the Kyudokan Karate Representative and Chief Instructor to the Philippines. 

On October 21, 2004, the WMK staged the "1st Washimekai National Kyudokan Karate Championships" that was actively represented by the WMK's 7 operational regions nationwide.  The theme of the tournament was to officially introduce the KYUDOKAN KARATE system to the Philippines.

On October 5 - 11, 2005, Hanshi Oscar Higa set his first ever visit to the Philippines (first country in the Southeast Asian regions ever visited, apart from his regular visit to the Kyudokan Hombu in Okinawa) and conducted the "1st Kyudokan Karate Training Camp" organized by WMK for its Instructors and organic Black Black Belt members and affiliates numbering to 42 Black Belts and more or less 60 selected senior colored-belt members representing the different WMK Dojos nationwide.

For nearly 5 years now (2004-2009), the KYUDOKAN Karate gained humble popularity under the stewardship of the Washimekai. 

On April 15th, 2009, Shihan Marcelo Navarroza established and activated the NASKCOPHIL to serve as  SECRETARIAT organ to exclusively manage the technical affairs of Kyudokan Karate in the Philippines to ensure the standardization of teaching and training methods of Kyudokan Karate including the setting of qualification standards for the granting of recognition to independent Shorin Ryu groups/clubs/associations that opt to adopt the Kyudokan Karate system while maintaining their administrative autonomy and original identities/organization names/titles. 

Brief Background of Philippine Shorin Ryu Karate

Undeniably, Shorin Ryu Karate is considered predominant system in the Philippines that grew in wide popularity in the entire archipelago when it was introduced in the early years (Circa 1960) by the now 10th Dan Hanshi Seikichi Iha (Shidokan), then 6th Dan who became a resident instructor for 11 months in the famous Commando Self Defense Club under the tutelage of the late Master Latino H. Gonzales.  When Hanshi Iha was recalled to Okinawa and further assigned to the USA, then 5th Dan, now 9th Dan Hanshi Seigi Shiroma succeeded teaching until the the early 70's.  In the latter years, due to the disconnection from the Shidokan Hombu in Okinawa coupled by the migration of the Master Gonzales to the USA, Shorin Ryu Karate groups in the Philippines became totally fragmented. It was only 1991 when Hanshi Shiroma (then based in Guam), revisited the Philippines, that Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate was reunited and reinvigorated.  However, the unification was short lived arising from political conflicts among the senior leaders that eventually led to disfranchisement of major groups.  Due to the conflicts that proved unhealthy for Karate, the WMK was constrained to disengage from the system to avoid clashing with the rather more senior leaders.  For 8 years more or less (1996-2004), WMK remained an independent Shorin Ryu Association and devoted its activities to strenghthening its organization.  On the other hand, various factions in the Shidokan society continuously endeavored to reorganize and obtain re-recognition from the Shidokan Okinawa Hombu.  Apparently, one organization (OSKA-Shidokan-Phils) succeeded in getting recognition.  While indeed, there exist now the OSKA-Shidokan Philippines, many loose groups that opted independence are still prevalent in various parts of the country.

Established and activated - 15th April 2009


Despite the seemingly unending squabbles among the old and new generations of Philippine Shorin Ryu Karate, proud to say that there still exist a family of Shorin Ryu that has strictly adhered and lived up the traditional way.  "Traditional-way" in the sense that the line and linkages from its roots, the teachings and philosphy of the Master are passed on and carried out to the very present generation.  We are particularly refering to our beloved Filipino Shorinryu Karate Master, the late, Great Master Manuel "Manny" Duran who dedicated and devoted the very last day of his life (died August 19, 1993-Naga City, Region V) in teaching the art of Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate. Undoubtedly, no one from the generation of the PAKA-Commando Self-Defense Club (Circa 1960's - Manila) under the tutelage of the equally deceased Master Latino H. Gonzales, would ever forget the name of "Manny Duran" as one of the bests of the Commando's.  For the record, Master Manny Q. Duran was one (1) among the only three (3) senior Commando Instructors given the privilege by the Master Latino Gonzales (then Philippine Shorin Ryu Karate Titular Head) to wear the distinct "Red & White" Belt 6th Dan (the 3 included Roberto "Betong" Gonzales, Rolando "Roland" Gonzales and Manuel "Manny" Duran).  Apart from being a "batang-gym" at the Commando Self-Defense Club, Master Manny Duran ran his own Karate Club, the Saturdays-Sundays-Holidays or SSH KARATE CLUB located at Sociego St, Santa Mesa, Manila. In the early 70's, Master Duran moved down to his homeprovince in the Bicol Region and established the SSH Karate Club (Naga City Dojo) along Ateneo de Naga Avenue, Naga City.

THE WASHIMEKAI (Eagle Eye Clan) -

The roots of the "Eagle Eye Clan" under the tutelage of Shihan Marcelo Navarroza is traced back from Master Duran from whom the "Eagle Eye" (nobility title of Navarroza Shihan) obtained his knowledge and skill in Shorinryu Karate system after continuous practice, devotion and loyalty to the master for straight period of 16 years (1972-1988).  On May 8, 1988, Navarroza Shihan was promoted to the rank of 6th Dan and annointed as "Successor" of the master.  The annointment was made in the presence of more or less 50 Black Belts under Master Duran who were the exclusive attendees to the rank promotion ceremonies of Navarroza Sensei. For a period of 4 years (1984-1988) Navarroza Shihan took the role as direct assistant to the Master at the Hombu Dojo and also led in unity the Black Belt Corps of the Okinawan Masrtial Arts Ass'n of the Phils (OMAAP) under Master Duran where he also served as the Vice President for Operation. The title "Eagle Eye" (meaning - the ability to perceive with keeness) was conferred to Navarroza Shihan by the Master when he was promoted to 5th Dan in 1984.  From then on, those core of blackbelts led by Navarroza Shihan became closely identified with him as belonging to "the eagle eye clan", thus, "Eagle Eye Clan" became a byword among the circle of the Duran line.  After his promotion to 6th Dan, the Master encouraged Navarroza Shihan to already form his own association.  From a carefully selected Blackbelts, Navarroza Shihan organized his own group and opted to name the association as "Eagle Eye Shorin Ryu Karate Clan".  In 1989, the Clan was registered as a non-stock, non-profit corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) thus gaining legal personality as a juridical person.  Though relentless dedication. efforts and sacrifices of those who compose the Clan, it grew and expanded to what it is now today. 

On August 29, 1991, Navarroza Shihan obtained his 5th Dan International Rank in Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karatedo (Shidokan school under the authority of Shihan Seigi Shiroma).

On August 1994 (after one year of the Master Duran's demise/!993), Navarroza Shihan officially assumed the rank of his Master (7th Dan) by virtue of succession being the rightful heir to the lineage of the Master.  The rank of 7th Dan is the official Association Karate rank held by Navarroza Shihan up to the present (2009).

As having engaged in the mainstream of sport Karate for quite sometime (PKF/1994-2001), Navarroza Shihan also acquired "sport Karate Rank" - National Rank of 6th Dan/PKF.1998.Charter" and 5th Dan World Karate Federation/WKF (1997).  He is also a recognized Instructor - 5th Dan holder of the KOI/Kobe Osaka International Karatedo Federation.

From the period of 8 yeras more or less (1996-2004), after having disassociated with the Shidokan school due to political reasons, the Washimekai maintained an independent status as a national association of Shorin Ryu Karate operating in at least 7 regions nationwide with 4 branches abroad.

In mid-2000, the Washimekai quit the mainstream of sport karate and reverted back purely to the traditional methods and teaching approaches.

On June 2004, the World Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karatedo KYUDOKAN Renmei accepted the Washimekai as member and designated as the school's official branch in the Philippines and named Shihan Navarroza as Official Representative and Chief Instructor.

In early part of 2007, the Washimekai vigoriously endeavored to realize a massive and intensified promotion and propagation of traditional karate, not only of Shorin Ryu Karate (under the Kyudokan school) but on a broader scale.  Through series of relentless consultations with other major traditional groups with the encouragement of some closest friends in the mainstream of sport karate, the Philippine groups of Okinawan Goju Ryu Meibukan Karate, Matsumura Shorinryu Karate, the Kobudo's Philippine Dokokai (alongside with the Laguna Shotokan Society and a Shito Ryu Dojo) forged alliance that formally gave birth to the PUKKO - Philippine Union of Karate and Kobudo Organizations.

On January 15th, 2008, the PUKKO was officially accepted as an affiliated member of the WUKO, now WUKF-World Union of Karatedo Federations, one of the largest international karate organizations present in all the 5 continents of the world that caters the sporting aspect of karate but fully recognizes traditional karate systems of Okinawa such as the Shorin Ryu and Uechi Ryu (WUKF has under it 8 recognzed karate systems - Shotokan, Shitoryu, Wadoryu, Gojuryu, Shorinryu, Uechiryu, kyukunshinkai and Budokan).

On mid-November 2008, Navarroza Shihan relinguished his post as President of WMK to Atty. Ramiro Alfredo R. Cabral whose relentless efforts and personal sacrifices in working for the advancement of the organization coupled with the unblemished loyalty earned him the trust and confidence of the WMK Headmaster.  Parallel to this was the designation of Sensei Chiela Cyreen "Sayen" Navarroza, daughter of the Founder, as the WMK Technical Director in addition to her primary responsibility as General Secretary and Director of the National Events Organizing Committee.

and the "TRADITION"  lives on..................